Hello! Welcome to Cloris.

If you got here, sure you like the accessories, and you know what? Us too. In fact, we love them. That's why we created this website. We are designers of fashion handmade accessories made by ourselves and here you will find a lot of designs that we hope you like.

We have to tell you ... You will not find the usual, which you may be used to, but that is our goal. We created this brand with the idea of making different earrings, colorful bracelets, impossible necklaces using different materials, colors and compositions.

We want you to have a good time, to enjoy... Leave your mind blank, we put the colors!

Browse quietly through our website, you will not jump annoying little popups asking your email in exchange for a discount. You already have that in your first purchase if you like something. You will not have to register in infinite forms asking for your ID. If you love any add-on, you go in, buy it and that's it. We will not bother you at untimely hours with newsletters begging you to buy some of our designs, we will not send you anything directly unless you want to.

Things as they are ... Not everyone is going to like our complements and we know it. And that's fine, because our goal is that whatever you find here will make you fall in love, and if you do not ... nothing happens! Life is two days and you have to enjoy them! :))))

Yes, maybe we are a little crazy but what happiness is in our sanity?.