About us?

Cloris is born in the middle of 2016 of the union of two entrepreneurs who have decided to embark on this exciting adventure that is the world of complements, a lively and changing market.

An original idea, an own concept about the fashion accessories that began on a personal level, has materialized in Cloris, who aspires to reach those people like you, who want something new, with a unique and different touch.

Our goal is to offer you newness. We want you to innovate bringing color and originality to your own style. We not only sell handmade products but also provide fashion, color and style advice to all our designs, always thinking about you and your way of looking at life.

How do we do it?

We count on experience in craftsmanship, study and development of new products and innovation with multiple quality materials.

We also have extensive knowledge of management, development and use of information systems to reach our clients with the best care wherever they are and speak the language they speak. We always talk about fashion in Cloris!

We hope you will join us in this intimate and personal project ... Welcome!