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Black, blue and gray necklace with tiger eye, alabaster and agate - Triple Black

The handmade necklace "Triple Black" of 82 cm long gives your look the elegance that only black can give.

Onyx black and dark reflections of obsidian combine with the blue tiger eye and vibrant goldstone stone. The silver hematite gives you reflections and a touch of light, the agate, gray cat's eye and white alabaster put the contrast to this elegant design.

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Its diameter belongs to the mid-range, but the row of pendants makes it a long necklace.

The strap of the ribbon and the length of the rows makes it fit in a wide and short neck, but the diameter of the neck makes it look perfect also in a long and thin neck.

It does not bring volume to the bust and the weight of the collar has its fall below the bust, which visually enhances that area.

The predominantly black color with a light touch white, gray and silver makes it look good on any skin, so do not think about it because it will highlight yes or yes.


You can wear a very pronounced neckline as the stones will fall right into it; Of half height since they will rest in the garment; Very short since its visual effect is long. Neck boat, word of honor, boat neck, the important thing is that you choose the neckline that best suits your face.

In short the outfit you want but that yes, it is light and soft colors at the top. A white sweater if you are brunette or a blue or dark gray if you have fair skin. We do not recommend pink or green tones since the necklace although in a very soft way has blue reflections. It is therefore ideal to choose this color range.

Another good thing about this necklace is that it can be used as a neutral element in case you want to make a combination of cool and warm colors. But you know, only if you dare ...


For those occasions that live so much in which you want to go "arranged but informal". The black gives elegance and sobriety, but it has movement and in a clear background will attract attention.

So you know that you can put on that afternoon that you are going to have lunch with all the friends that have been doing so long that you did not meet, or that birthday, or those nights that with so much desire are caught the weekend. And yes, it will accompany you as a luxury supplement the rest of the night. Simple ... you?

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