Black, brown and gold necklace with tiger's eye, hematite, natural stone and leather - Tiger View larger

Black, brown and gold necklace with tiger eye, hematite, jasper and leather - Tiger

The handmade necklace "Tiger", 68 cm long, gives your look a casual and dynamic style.

The combination of the tiger eye, natural stone and leather give this piece of the collection strength and elegance.


60 €



By its waves and by its measurements that place it in a medium-short it is perfect for a long and preferably thin neck.

Harmonize your torso by matching distances and visually enhance your bust. We advise you to combine it with a round neckline, as it will be accompanied by its rounded structure and will also adorn it with its central part more recharged.

The neckline for this necklace is extreme, or very soft or very exaggerated. A very soft one will allow the necklace to rest and decorate your outfit, in a very exaggerated one it will cover the front part and decorate your bare neck with that tribal and dynamic touch that the suede fringes give you.

We wanted to give a point of color with white details, which bring a unique brightness to this design and contrast with the predominant black color of the set.

This necklace finds its ideal point in a thin straps or in a redondito boat neck, so in your shoulders the elements are different and in harmony

Although it is elaborated in dark tones and neutral colors it is striking for its shape and the combination of pieces. So you can try it with a white, gray sweater or you can even dare with a garnet that can combine with the warm tones of brown and gold.

Its earth tones that combine with warm colors like brown and gold and with neutral colors such as white and black highlight the features of a beautiful blond or light chestnut hair in a slight golden skin tone. The colors that most favor you in a single piece.

In case you want to combine it with a black piece, we recommend a more pronounced neckline so there is visual distance between both elements.

In addition, the dress or set ideal to combine with this necklace is best to be simple lines and without ornaments or ornate. In case it takes some detail it is better to take it in the lower part of the set.


This necklace finds its most ideal moment in winter and at night, in a special moment in which we want to wear that dress or ensemble that we like so much but that seems to lack something. Well, you've already found that something.

This necklace will highlight any outfit and add eye-catching style.

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We know that there is a whole world of earrings, bracelets and necklaces that you have seen before arriving here. So let's be clear: stay with the earrings, the bracelet, the necklace or the choker that makes you feel comfortable and that you know that you will love to look.

You must choose the design that will make you fall in love as soon as you see it, that you will know how you are going to combine it: with that new dress, that closet top, etc. Do not choose an accessory just for being the most worn, what is fashionable or for the price.

In Cloris we are different and we know that you are too ;)

If you have arrived at our website and you are still reading this, it is because our designs fit your style. It is clear that you like original and novelty accessories.

Therefore, we invite you to accept the challenge of remaining unique, original, daring and showing it to the world every day of your life.


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