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Black and dark blue woman necklace with Czech crystal, cat's eye, hematite and cloissone - Blue Drop

The Blue Drop handmade necklace combines the black of its chain with the intense blue of Czech crystal, the cat's eye and the cloissone, the white with reflections of the cat's eye and the hematite silver.

An elegant and versatile design for your casual outfit.

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This necklace has a detail that makes it very special, has two strips that can be placed in various ways, which makes it very versatile and adaptable to various situations.

This necklace is medium in size, so it looks better on a medium neck but not too short.

The fall arrives above the bust, but is not recharged and can be used even if there is volume in that area.

The black color mixed with intense blue, white and silver make it ideal for women with light skin in cold tones. The hair can be brown with blueish reflections or blond ash.


As we have commented this necklace can be combined in different ways.

In this design the two strips can be dropped towards the back, which will look very nice and will look in a sweater or dress with bare back. A satin gray or perhaps in black color seems the best option.

If, on the other hand, the strips are placed in front of the sides of the necklace, they will bring more adornments and body to that area, so a neck or a word of honor would be a good option.

If the strips are placed in front on the same side, they will add volume to that specific side and the collar will be ideal for a top or dress without a sleeve or a single strap.

In case of crossing both strips in front of the collar, they will add volume to the central zone and the best here would be a neckline pronounced in V or U.


This necklace can be worn in a casual outfit. It is sober but has reflections and some touch of brightness, which brings out all the potential in the afternoon or evening.

It does not have to be a party, it can be used for a dinner or a special afternoon. Remember that this necklace you can wear it more recharged or simpler, so the ideal occasion you choose.

It is your ideal companion!

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