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Black and white necklace with mother-of-pearl, onyx and hematite - Abril

The "Abril" handmade necklace of 92 cm long gives your look the Ibizan style with a point of color that will bring summer to your outfit.

Alabaster, onyx, silver hematite, mother of pearl, obsidian and goldstone come together in this piece that, due to their combination of colors, makes it an ideal wardrobe design.

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It is a black and white combined with a cream touch, little else to say. Be as you are, you will be beautiful. It has silver dots, but they are so delicate that they do not stand out over the predominant colors.

The ribbon is very thin and is of long length, so it will stylize your neck either wide and short or medium. At the top it is very thin and carries little load, making it ideal for a pronounced bust. It is in the lower part where it carries its adornments that are very dynamic and full of style.

In this necklace the colors white and cream are predominant. Black is the complement that makes the piece versatile and, after all, a basics.


You can wear a V-neck or U-neck, star necklines that always favor. More or less pronounced, no problem since it is a long necklace and will also adorn your neckline or your favorite garment.

In short the outfit you want but that yes, it is dark shades at the top, since the piece is primarily white and camel. A dark brown sweater, a matte red, a pastel blue ... Another good thing about this necklace is that it can be used as a neutral element in case you want to make a combination of cool and warm colors. But you know, only if you dare ...


This necklace is casual elegance. It is ideal for a casual look, and because its colors are so soft you can wear it at any time of the day ... or the night. You put the limit. Do you know what it will be?

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