Do you want to collaborate with us?

In Cloris believe firmly in the business synergy, the union is the force and in today's globalized world we all need the help of everyone.

If you have a clothing and accessories store and would like to offer our products to your customers we can design a line or collection to your likes, combining the colors that you like or adapt to your business, and designed for any time of the year.

If you are a fashion blogger or influencer we are also passionate about this world and we sure find the way to collaborate, benefiting both parties :)

If you like our products as much as us and you are interested in selling them in your area, we will be all ears! 

Here you can see, by way of example, a tailor-made collection for a Holland store specializing in boho-chic fashion and with Ibiza influences ... See dossier

Send us an email to info@cloris.es and tell us what your idea is, we will be happy to cooperate with you!