Colors to create our original designs with love

In Cloris we like to play with colors. For this reason, in our designs you will find a wide range of tones running through the entire color palette, from neutral and pastel tones to soften your outfits and strong and bright tones to highlight your outfit. Next, we show you the ideal colors that can help you get the most out of it.

Colors to create our original designs with love


It is one of the primary colors, belonging to the cold range and is one of the most demanded in clothing and accessories since it does not go out of style and has a timeless character.

The blue transmits confidence and serenity. It symbolizes qualities related to intelligence, science and concentration.


Although many do not consider it a color, white is a neutral element. It is related to cleanliness, purity and innocence.

White is the sum of all colors with what is synonymous with integrity.


It is a semisaturated brown color and considered as a derivative of brown. Very appreciated in the world of fashion has the power to bring sophistication to your outfit. It transmits elegance and sobriety, and is also widely used in men's fashion.


The golden color is a yellow orange or amber of strong saturation, so it can be included in warm colors. It symbolizes wealth, power and strength. It is directly related to luxury and distinction with what gives a unique touch to your wardrobe.

Brown is a tertiary color, born from the mixture of the primary ones: red, blue and yellow. As a result of the union of two warm colors (red and yellow) and one cold (blue), we can consider it a warm color.

It is a dark color and little saturated always linked to the earth, nature and wood.

A basic of your closet par excellence, it brings seriousness and transmits security and responsibility.


Black is the absence of all color, paradoxically or rather for that reason, in what refers to fashion is a basic par excellence.

It brings sophistication, elegance, sobriety and security. In the world of fashion it is rare not to find it since it is the ideal complement to the other colors.


It is a cold color that brings youth and energy. In the world of accessories is a very popular color because it has the ability to add brightness in any combination or occasion.


Red is another of the primary colors and belongs to the range of warm colors. It symbolizes love, passion, energy