Materials to create our original designs with love

At Cloris we use first quality materials, original and studied to give our designs personality and a unique style. Each one of them has its properties and particularities that we want to present you, as well as links to our products in which each one appears:



They are a set of microcrystalline quartz varieties formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks. They can be found in different colors: red, blue, green and gray. Because they are translucent and shiny they can serve to enhance our personality.

They come mainly from Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar and India.

On the spiritual level, these stones bring physical and emotional balance. They act as a stabilizer of physical energy. They serve to increase self-esteem and acceptance of oneself by helping to focus and perceive the potential of each.

It expels the negative energies that surround the person favoring the calmness and the courage to face the new challenges and to obtain the victory.

The agate stabilizes the aura and filters out and eliminates bad vibrations.

Pendientes de mujer largos con ágata rosa, piedra lunar, nácar y turquesa Lake

Collar rosa, azul y dorado con ágata, piedras lunares y turquesas Lake

Pendientes de mujer largos turquesa y plateados con nácar, hematite y ágata Silver Flower

Pulsera de mujer blanca y azul con ónix negro, turquesas, ágatas y hematite Sky

Gargantilla de mujer blanca y naranja con nácar, cuero y ágatas Sea

Pulsera de mujer azul y blanca con cuero, ágata y perlas de río Ocean


It is a variety of calcium sulfate highly appreciated for its texture and translucent properties. They are usually white. Combines well with any set and serves to enhance colors and combinations.

It is formed in deposits of arid climates that we can find on both sides of the Equator, but it is mainly known for its origin and use in ancient Egypt.

Alabaster has protective properties. Formerly used to carve in it figures of deities or ceremonial pieces for offerings to the gods. Therefore it is used as a symbol of protection against the anger and negative energies of people who are at a higher hierarchical level. It is said of the alabaster that if it comes to break it is a symbol that it has absorbed the bad energies and has performed its protective function

It is the ideal stone for the signs of air and water of the zodiac.

Collar blanco y negro con nácar, ónix y hematite Abril

Pulsera de mujer blanca y negra con nácar, onix y hematite Abril

Collar negro, azul y gris con ojo de tigre, alabastro y ágata Triple Black

Pulsera de mujer negra, azul y gris con ojo de tigre, alabastro y ágata Triple Black


The Antelina is made with polyester fiber. It is soft to the touch and resembles the skin of the peach. It can be found in practically every color. Many combinations can be made with other products and gives the designs an elegant but casual touch.

Collar verde, azul y marrón con cuero, hematite y ojo de gato Wild Life

Pulsera de mujer verde, azul y marrón cuero hematite ojo de gato Wild Life

Collar negro, azul y gris con ojo de tigre, alabastro y ágata Triple Black

Pulsera de mujer negra, azul y gris con ojo de tigre, alabastro y ágata Triple Black

Collar blanco y negro con nácar, ónix y hematite Abril

Pulsera de mujer blanca y negra con nácar, onix y hematite Abril


Objects of alveolado metal decorated with glazed enamel.

Originally from the ancient Orient, the technique used for its elaboration was the use of glazed enamel that decorated the metals on which it was placed. Although the design has changed over time and new materials have been introduced, the original enjoyed great popularity and spread throughout the world from the Byzantine empire to China and Cyprus, which contributed to its improvement and innovation.

They are often presented in combination of various colors such as red, white and blue. Thanks to the vintage style of cloissone the parts that use this material adopt a certain retro air.

Collar rosa, azul y dorado con ágata, piedras lunares y turquesas Lake


Originally from the Czech Republic, more concretely from the region of Bohemia, this glass stands out for the transparency of the glass with which it is realized. It can be found in both smooth and carved and faceted pieces.

Today it can be found in any color. It gives a touch of luminosity and color to your set.

Collar verde, azul y marrón con cuero, hematite y ojo de gato Wild Life

Pendientes de mujer largos verdes, azules y marrones con turquesa, hematite y ojo de gato Wild Life

Pendientes de mujer largos dorados y marrones con hematite, cristal checo y ojo de tigre Sun

Pendientes de mujer largos turquesa y plateados con nácar, hematite y ágata Silver Flower


Known worldwide this type of crystal offers a unique luminosity and its technique of carving offers some spectacular results. Available in many colors and shapes.

Pendientes de mujer cortos con corazones de Swarovski rojos y plata 925


Quartz is silicon oxide with a certain degree of transparency. Native from South Africa, India, Madagascar Brazil and Japan.

Among its properties we can highlight that it is considered one of the most energetic stones that exist, besides having a very beautiful meaning: it is the stone of love, warmth, compassion, self-esteem and peace.

Therefore it is a gem considered ideal to fight the lack of love or the lack of love, to overcome a break, against a very strong negative impact or to represent unconditional love.

In Cloris we love this fine pink gem that brings a romantic touch and sweetness to our designs.

Pendientes de mujer blancos y amarillos con cuarzo rosa, hematite, cristal y piedra lunar Soft Cream

Pulsera de mujer blanca y amarilla con cuarzo rosa, hematite, cristal y piedra lunar Soft Cream

Collar blanco y amarillo con cuarzo rosa, hematite, cristal y piedra lunar Soft cream


Highly resistant tanned animal skin with low level of degradation. Present in multiple colors and shapes. In Cloris we use it to give a tribal and elegant touch to our designs.



It is a very special type of crystal elaborated in reducing atmosphere, treated with reflections similar to the stars.

This stone is attributed the ability to bring energy and light to life, clarify ideas and facilitate decision making and self-control. It is also known to ward off indecision and melancholy.

Usually we find it in dark blue and brown colors. It is used to spark a piece and a magical and mystical touch.



Hematite is relatively resistant ferric oxide. Its original color is reddish tones but is usually marketed in black with silver tones.

Its deposits are widely spread throughout the world and can be found in Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Sweden, or Italy, among others.

It is said that the contact with the heat is activated its magnetic properties, so it is given the ability to protect against the evil eye and attract good luck, positive energies, friendship, and favorable changes. It is considered ideal as an amulet in the new stages of life.

They offer brilliance and sophistication to the pieces where they are present.


Essential piece of any in the handmade jewelry. It serves both to line up and to decorate or even make designs exclusively with this material. From different colors and compositions in Cloris we love to use it to give a personal and handmade touch.



Ancestral stone very appreciated of ample use in the jewelry. This unique gem is composed of several minerals. The sodalite gives it its characteristic blue color, the white is courtesy of the calcite and the golden traces of the pyrite.

Originally from Chile. Russia, Afghanistan, Angola, Burma, Pakistan, Labrador and United States.

This gem is attributed the ability to grant mental clarity, to help find order in chaos, to unlock conflicts, to enhance communication by finding the right words and the precise idea. It is the stone of wisdom.

That is why it is used a lot as an amulet before exams and situations in which you have to know how to express yourself before others as a conference or an exhibition.

It has a characteristic deep blue color difficult to find in other pieces. It serves to enhance the blue tone of any piece providing elegance and distinction.


Variety of the adularia belongs to the group of feldspars. This translucent gem has unique properties since as the Moon reflects the light.

It can be found in the Alps and in Vesuvius, India, Burma and Sri Lanka, among others.

This gem is linked to emotional balance, serves to release tensions and resolve conflicts caused by feelings that produce insomnia. All this favors creativity and the flow of ideas.

It is also considered a stone of protection for travelers, ideal for guiding and protecting on their way those who will be away from home.

Thanks to its composition, it adds iridescent reflections to any design.



Formed in the interior of the marine shells is composed of calcium carbonate, organic matter and water.

It is said of the mother-of-pearl that it has the ability to soften the irascible character and enhance the kindness and sweetness of both the person who carries it and those around it.

It attracts good vibrations and positive energies, loyalty, faithfulness and justice.

White with pearlescent reflections and relative hardness, it is used to enhance the white tone of a design and also as a neutral element to combine two opposing colors.


It is a natural glass sometimes called volcanic glass, belongs to the group of silicates. One of its characteristics is that it is black with chromatic reflections.

This crystal discovered in Ethiopia owes its name to the Roman who first encountered it, named Obsius.

Obsidian is given the power to favor concentration and meditation, helping to find the true origin of things, so it is highly prized to get to the root of the most difficult problem. For this ability to assist in conflict resolution is also called the stone of justice.

Its use adds elegance and distinction to the piece.



The cat's eye is a natural stone whose main property is to reflect light in a band. Available in multiple colors like brown, pink, yellow, green or blue. Thanks to its intense tonalities it is used to enhance the predominant color of a piece.



Considered a semi-precious stone, it is composed of quartz, limonite and riebeckite. Generally of yellow and brown color in bands, it has reflexes irises.

We can find its deposits in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

It is considered a powerful talisman against the evil eye and situations of threat and conflict. It is also the amulet of material goods as it is credited with the ability to attract money as well as the wisdom to obtain and increase it.

It is considered an essential gem when you are going to start a business or company.

The tiger's eye is a unique stone to give tribal and ethnic touch to the designs.


It is a mineral of the oxide class. Sometimes we found it smooth and in others streaked.

We can find its deposits in Brazil, Uruguay, India or Madagascar.

Onyx is attributed the ability to bring balance and is considered a filter of negative emotions and energies, which transforms into positive. It is said to protect against envy and jealousy and dissolves them.

It is also considered an energetic stone, which enhances objectivity, joy, personal charm, charisma and seduction.

It is present in many colors but in Choris we love its black variety. It allows to create a contrast next to other colors, especially the white, and brings elegance and serenity to the piece.



Produced in freshwater molluscs are worldwide valued and have no substitute in their class

They are given the ability to attract positive energies, honesty, kindness, fidelity and justice.

With a characteristic color and pearly reflections, it gives distinction to any design and a touch of exclusivity.


It is an aluminum and copper phosphate highly valued for jewelry making. Its color is unique and therefore has its own name: turquoise.

As a curious fact, it is not found in Turkey, but it was given that name because it was marketed by merchants originating in this country.

In fact its main deposits are in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada.

Turquoise is given the ability to enhance the harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is said that it enhances the spiritual and emotional capacities of people and favors friendship, balance and conflict resolution.

Thanks to its color between blue and green adds distinction to any design.