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Pink, blue and gold necklace with agate, moon stones and turquoise - Lake

The "Lake" handmade necklace of 68 cm long gives your look the ideal complement to bring color, dynamism and luminosity.

Fresh water manifests in this necklace in the form of lunar stones, agates, turquoises, and more semiprecious stones.

Ideal for matching your lake earrings.

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Your height is 1.60 to 1.70, you want to stylize your figure and you wonder ... what necklace will fit me better? Or, on the contrary, do you think that, after all, the collar is the least?

Be clear, a necklace can be your perfect ally to direct the glances where you want, create visual effects or to hide some areas. Why? Because the ideal necklace is the one that is provided with your body.

It is very important to know what your ideal necklace, that without knowing the reason well, becomes your favorite and essential complement.
This necklace is medium, it is about 50 cms. diameter. So it is perfect for almost all statures, although without doubt, it will favor you more if your height is between 1.60 and 1.70 cms. Help stylize the figure, focus the attention just above the chest, whereby your body visually gains length from that point.

In addition, its shape is ideal. For a woman of medium height the V-neck helps to lengthen the silhouette, and this complement has a natural shape in V, center their weight in a central piece and if you wear this type of neckline, will adapt naturally to it.

Of course, do not wear a very pronounced neckline because in addition to getting just the opposite effect, the necklace will be lost inside it and you will lose the feeling you were looking for.

Speaking of everything a little, it is necessary to take into account that this necklace has many beads, which will favor you very much if you have a little pronounced bust, since you will add volume to that zone.


If we talk about shapes, this necklace fits well with almost any set, but as we said before, we must avoid very pronounced necklines that reach the height of the chest. It is better to have a subtle V-neck in which it will look perfect and without hiding.

Also keep in mind that its color makes it a very striking piece, so a top, a dress or a blouse in pink or blue pastels combine in a spectacular way.

These colors feel very good to women of clear or cold skin, contrasts beautifully with blue eyes, blond hair and ivory skin.
If you are bold and want to throw yourself at the ibicenco target, with this piece you will not need anything else. It has so much personality that looks great with a set in white tones and a matching bag in pink and / or blue.


This design is perfectly useful for both informal party nights and a more special event in which you want to wear a unique and original piece. You will not go unnoticed.

Imagine it, special event surrounded by your best friends, hair loose or collected, that cake or white set that you did not know what to decorate and now has its perfect complement.

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