Red, blue and gold women's bracelet with agates, hematite and Valencian fallera fabric View larger


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Red, blue and gold women's bracelet with agates, hematite and Valencian fallera fabric

The handmade cuff of fall fabric 15 cm long and 3.70 cm wide will make a difference in your whole.

We combine the elegance and exoticism of the embroidered fallera fabric with a set of bracelets consisting of gold chain link and red thread, red and brown agates and golden hematite with a chic boho touch.

A unique and original complement to much history and tradition.


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You are tired of always finding the same, you like the designs that have that something different and exotic. You love looking for ethnic, regional products that have personality and carry materials with a historical route behind.

In addition you are a current woman, so you look for whenever it has a cutting edge look and is framed in the new trends.

That is why we have added a different concept to this bracelet. To the precious and exclusive fallera fabric we have combined a set of boho chic style bracelets, adorned with a tassel and with unique materials such as agates, hematite and gold chain with vibrant yarn that create an incredible fusion of tradition and avant-garde.


This bracelet is designed to stand out from the set. It is striking and does not go unnoticed. It also has a mix of classic style and boho that will make the looks to be placed on it.

We recommend that you use it as a complement with your smoother linens. Depending on the occasion it may be for day to day or party. But we do not recommend it with clothes with many adornments or recharged. Unless your style is excessive, in which case ... go ahead! With this bracelet you will not go unnoticed and help you to enhance your charisma and unique style.

If you look for a more discreet effect but with that something different, we recommend that you combine it with a set, either top and skirt or pants or a dress in matt tones. Combine without fear with the colors of the bracelet: garnets, browns, beiges ... but that does try to make it in soft tones. Ah! and of course in this case you can dare with the black.

This bracelet has satin colors so to get the most out of it and help boost your clothes it is best to look over shades without shine.

Keep in mind that it is a fairly wide bracelet, so it is preferable to wear it if your arm is long and your wrist is fine. Although this bracelet has the advantage that its closure is sliding and you can adjust it as best suits you.

In case your arm is not long, another advantage of this bracelet is that you can combine it with your bracelets however you want. You can wear it just as much as with the matching bracelets. In the same way you can only wear the bracelets or make different combinations.


It is designed with the intention of making the most of it. On the one hand the exclusive fabric fallera and the chic and ethnic boho line of the bracelets that accompany it make it ideal for a special occasion, for a unique party in which you want to wear pieces that stand out. Imagine him in that black dress, garnet, beige, or if you're bold with a navy blue. You will create a magic and unique combination in your style.

Now let's change the scenario. A night of party in Ibiza, or in a summer terrace ... you wear that set or dress vaporous, is black and boho ibicenco style. You decide to make the most of it with accessories that stand out and be the center of the eyes. This bracelet is unique and special for that occasion, you will not find anything equal and will attract attention, but will fit perfectly with the stage. In addition you can make with him different combinations as you need.

Do not think ... looks unique, looks beautiful!

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