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White and yellow necklace with pink quartz, hematite, crystal and moonstone - Soft Cream

The handmade necklace "Soft Cream" of 66 cm long gives your look the ideal complement to bring femininity with light touches of color.

The nude color is combined with sparkles of yellow carved glass, pink agates, river pearls, mother of pearl, alabaster, rose quartz, moonstone and golden hematite and yellow cat's eye.

Ideal to combine with your matching set.

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Women of medium height, that is, between 1.60 and 1.70 need a necklace that matches their figure, to help them visually stylize it. For it nothing better than a medium necklace like this.

Medium collars are those that are about 50 cms. diameter. They really feel the best at almost all heights, but they are the perfect hit for a medium height. Help stylize the figure, focus the attention just above the chest, whereby your body visually gains length from that point.

It is an ideal piece if you have a more pronounced bust size, as it is not too heavy and will not add extra volume to that area.

Because of its soft color and medium width it looks good on almost any neck, unless it is very short, in which case it is better to choose a more finite necklace with a single strip.

As for the type of skin, we speak of a nude necklace with touches of fuchsia, yellow, gold, pearly white and matt white.

Therefore it looks perfect and with all its nuances in a marked brown tan, brown hair or dark brown with golden highlights. If your eyes are also dark or a slight honey color, it will help to highlight your features and add light and softness to your tan, on the one hand enhancing it, creating contrast with your features, and on the other giving a soft touch of cream to your look .


In this case also the ideal necklines are the V-shaped, this necklace has three rows at the end that give weight and fall and will be perfect in that neckline. In addition it wears in one of its lateral braids a row of semiprecious stones that help to stylize your neck, since they optically go from top to the end of the lower row of the end of the necklace.

For this design you have two options for neckline: very pronounced, so that the necklace looks on your skin and do not miss any row inside, or little pronounced, to rest on the garment you wear.

Being a very soft color piece, it is ideal to wear it with a garment of the same range of colors but a few points of higher color.

For example a mustard or orange sweater, dark brown trousers or camel ... remember the advice we always give: try to wear the darkest garment in the lower part of your body. That way it will not compete with your natural traits or the complements you carry.


Wherever you want, this necklace is so versatile that you can wear it wherever you like, it fits both your more formal set for its soft color and feminine touch, and your outfit at night for its colorful and reflective pieces. Take that bag and those pink or light beige shoes that you have so much desire to look and ... to triumph!

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